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Online Ordering
& Paperless Consent

Screening Link eConsent enables paperless background checks. Your candidates can complete consent forms and provide their signature using Screening Link’s proprietary online tools.


Faster turnaround times across all services – With mandatory fields we get the right information the first time from the candidate, thereby minimizing delays to start a check.

When candidates fill out eConsent from home, we find they take the time to provide thorough information, thus
minimizing the need to go back to the client to ask for additional information.

Fast and convenient reference checks – by giving references with the option to interact with us online or by telephone, reference turnaround time is expedited.

Service Benefits

Screening Link services are easy to use. Partnering with Screening Link allows your organization to focus on improving your organization and ensure peace of mind. Benefits include:

Minimized Burden of Ownership

Personal information is very sensitive and carries a burden of ownership. Individual’s privacy is protected by secure online submissions. Office staff need not be weighed down by being in possession of their candidates’ sensitive information.

Data Security

Screening Link offers bank-caliber data security, ensuring secure protection and management of data that adheres to all relevant privacy and FCRA requirements.

Unlimited Scalability

Peak seasons can often bring a heavy load to organizations with fixed budgets. Screening Link can handle seasonal and unexpected influxes in volume.