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Simplified Application Process &
Approval Workflow

Man sitting at a computer to request a Florida's Tenant and Pre-Employment Background Screening Company
Screening Link’s Custom Workflows allows the automation of manual tasks and requests in the background screening process. Use our proprietary workflow features to streamline applicant background screening and approvals.


Applicant enters a unique code to start the application. & offers telephone, email, and online chat customer service to answer any applicant questions.

Applicant completes a simple application online, e-signs the required documents, and attaches any requested documents (photo ID, lease/purchase contracts, pet pictures).

Applicant pays required fee (credit card, debit card) and submits the application.

Applicant is sent completion email.

Property Manager and Board Members receive the completed, e-signed application, supporting documents, and background screening results. The option to electronically approve the application is available.